Social Media for Realtors 2019: Top Strategies for Growth

The secret is out: A strong recovery from the housing crisis means a burgeoning supply of realtors all trying to grab a piece of the market. What does that mean for real estate agents?

You guessed it- more competition.

Social media for realtors will play an increasing role in their market share opportunities. In the past four years alone, online searches for real estate have jumped 253%. And while realtors consistently acknowledge how important it is to maintain a killer online presence, they often put social media on the back burner.

Hey, tech-savvy realtor of 2019: Don’t be one of them! It is most definitely not the time to forsake digital presence if you plan on growing your business.

Before we get into real estate social media strategy, let’s address the question on everyone’s minds…

How Important is Social Media in Real Estate?

Judge’s verdict? Very important. The numbers speak for themselves.

Social Media and Real Estate Statistics

94% of millennials and 84% baby boomers use online sites to search for homes.

Another study tells us that searches for “buying a home” on Youtube are up to 118,000 quarterly.

As for mobile, 45% of mobile real estate searches are done using apps to request more information, and 39% of Twitter users keep up with news via the platform, making it a great place for listings and growth.

How are realtors responding to these requests? Not so well.

Sprout indexes indicate that only a mere 11% of inquiries were responded to by realtors via social media. Not only that, but the real estate industry ranked number 4 in the top 10 annoying industries on social media (insert slow clap here).

The point here is that your clients are real people who crave connection and learning. They want an honest and authentic personality that helps them succeed, starting by answering their inquiries via social media.

Key takeaway- nobody puts social media in the corner. Here’s how realtors should handle social media in 2019!

The Top Real Estate Social Media Strategies for 2019

In this section, you’ll find effective strategies and practical tools to improve your real estate social media this year.

1. Create a Clear Brand Identity in Every Post

Creating a coherent brand identity allows followers to learn to expect consistency from you, thus increasing your credibility online. That means consistency in the following areas:

  1. Your voice (authoritative, light and funny, sarcastic, fresh)

  2. Your aesthetics (branding, logo, photos, and graphics)

  3. Your offering (useful information, humor, fun facts, beautiful photography)

  4. Your activity (how often you post, how often you respond, how often you tag & connect)

To tackle these four areas of brand identity, try the following:


You can use your voice to garner followers. Humor is a great strategy to get attention online. Using relevant memes and videos is a great way to increase sharing. Se