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What is R.E.O.?

R.E.O. stands for Real Estate Owned. This involves the acquisition of property which is in the possession of a lender as a result of foreclosure or forfeiture. This is when homeowners must turn the property over to the Lender because they are unable to meet the mortgage.

Usually, when buyers plan to purchase an R.E.O. (or foreclosed) property, they incur special challenges such as tighter time-lines and rigorous policies. At Southwest Escrow Corporation, we have an expert team of Escrow Officers who specializes in R.E.O. transactions and understands the importance of taking action on all matters in the most expedient manner possible.

At Southwest Escrow Corporation, we do not take our responsibilities lightly. We endeavor to provide professionalism, efficiency and integrity to our services. Thus, you can be assured that your interests are protected, your instructions carried out accurately and your transaction handled most expediently.

For more information on how we can help you in your next transaction, you may call us at 310-674-7660.

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